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Ten Reasons to Choose Brookhaven

1.  Our Employees:  The care and services at Brookhaven are as good as our employees who provide it.  We believe our staff is second to none!  We emphasize and continuously foster qualities associated with responsibility, integrity, and compassion.

2.  Your County MCF:  Brookhaven is one of the 36 County Medical Care Facilities in the State of Michigan.  Owned by the County of Muskegon, we focus our efforts exclusively on providing the best possible care and services to our community.  That is our mission!

3.  Our History:  Brookhaven Medical Care Facility has been providing quality inpatient nursing and rehabilitation services to the residents of the Muskegon County area for over 100 years – since 1902!  We are proud of our heritage and long-standing commitment to our community. 

4.  A Not-For-Profit Mission:  Brookhaven exists to care for people in need…period.  We are a self-supported operation receiving some financial resources through The Brookhaven Fund, established in a partnership with the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.

5.  Safety: Brookhaven was built to last – literally.  Our current building contains steel-reinforced concrete, extra large resident rooms, and at one time even served as a Civil Defense Shelter.  Throughout our entire operation, the safety of our residents and staff receives constant emphasis.

6.  We Are “Green”:  In the environmental sense!  From energy efficient lighting to local foods to our guiding business principles, Brookhaven constantly strives to operate in economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable ways.

7.  Registered Nurse Services:  Brookhaven residents enjoy the comfort of knowing that their clinical needs are being overseen by a Registered Nurse Supervisor who is on-duty within the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

8.  Outstanding Rehabilitation Services:  Brookhaven Medical Care Facility provides among the highest quality physical, occupational, and speech therapy services available in West Michigan.  Patients promptly achieve their maximum functional levels and return back to their own homes.

9.  The Courtyard Gardens:  The focal point of Brookhaven is our large and easily accessible central courtyard.  It is a fully enclosed, safe, quiet, and beautifully maintained environment with mature trees, flowers, and a covered picnic area for our residents and families to enjoy.
10.  We Do Business HereWhenever possible, Brookhaven strives to partner with Muskegon area businesses.  We believe in supporting our local economy and in nurturing beneficial relationships within the community.




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